Monday, October 21, 2013

Teen Cafe: Cupcake Decorating Contest

Just a few pictures from last week's Teen Cafe. We've seen quite a population drop recently, just seven kids this week, but where there is food, there is fun! I made a few dozen chocolate and white cupcakes (making the library smell wonderful and driving everyone crazy in the process), and set them out with frosting, food coloring, and a bajillion possible candy/cookie toppings. Do not send the pregnant lady shopping for food. The only guidelines I gave were to share supplies, and this is what they came up with:

Love the owl! The red is spillover from the gummy child massacre.

Dr. Seuss meets Neil Gaiman. In a sea of sludge.

Another cute owl!

Bright colors!


The Art Deco collection.

A River Runs Through It (YOU try writing words with sprinkles!)

Eat a Rainbow

Pippi Longstocking...with fangs?
And, the winners (as judged by the group):
Cute and colorful!
With apologies to the parents of all those who ate their creations on the way home...


  1. I so appreciate your efforts with Teen Cafe! As one of my cuties in the photos and her unusual creations~I am thankful to you!

    Love the constant ideas you have, the wonderful attitude you have with the kids, and of course...that you give of you.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Aw, thanks! I've had so much fun watching her turn into a beautiful young lady. I miss her big brothers - but, don't tell them I admitted to that! They all need to stop growing up!

  3. Ami~you are sooo sweet! ps~a few of the big brothers are engaged! Holy smokes they grow up so darn fast!