Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Picture Books

I had to take a break from cataloging to bring attention to a few of our newer titles:
Saturday Is Dadurday
The day after Friday is "Dadurday", when Mimi and her father do all sorts of fun things together. As I began reading, I thought about what a neat, special idea that is, but couldn't help also thinking it would be hard to keep up forever - life just has a tendency to get in the way. Well, lo and behold, a few pages in, that's exactly what happens to Mimi and her father. Mimi's feelings - as well as Dad's - when things fall through are addressed realistically, with a nice, happy conclusion.
That Is Not a Good Idea!
Illustrated in the style of an old silent movies, a wily fox talks a beautiful young duck into going for a walk in the woods with him. The little ones watching try to shout out warnings, but...expect a typical Mo Willems ending! (i.e. awesomely hysterical)
The Very Inappropriate Word
Michael loves interesting words (hard words like ELASTIC, little words like VAST, and big words like SMITHEREENS) and is always on the lookout for words to collect. Then one day, he picks up a new word. A bad word. An inappropriate word. At least, that’s what his friend says. But Michael kind of likes the word. He thinks he might try it out.
At school.
Bad idea.
Do I really need to say more? Except, thank goodness for teachers with some common sense!
All three of these are available at the library - or in book stores - now.

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