Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Junior Readers

Today we have a few new titles for your beginning readers:
Dixie and the Good Deeds
Emma got a little overenthusiastic with her class project on good deeds, and signed up to do half a dozen all on the same day. Wonder how many moms will relate to this? Dixie tries to help her out with each one, but only succeeds in making a mess - until the very end, when she saves the day. I think kids will enjoy the story (if Mom is able to bite her tongue), but I was expecting something to come of the culminating mess Dixie would surely have become.
Fancy Nancy: Apples Galore!
In the Fall, even the leaves are fancy! (Excuse me - I meant, in Autumn, the foliage is more colorful.) Our little village just celebrated its annual Apple Festival, so this was well-timed. Nancy's class is going apple picking, and she is determined to bring home her father's favorite, a Gala. Unfortunately, her field trip buddy seems more determined to play trick after trick on their class, ending in a boy-who-cried-wolf lesson. One of O'Connor's better junior readers, I think - and, of course, Fancy Nancy titles never stay on the shelves for long!
Digger the Dinosaur
Okay, now he's just a cutie. Look at that face! How can Momasaur be too mad when he 'forgets' to listen? Silly and short, a perfect read-together with the little one that has you shaking your head and trying to hide your smile. We'll look forward to seeing more of Digger!
Thank-you to Harper Collins for the review copies.

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