Friday, October 25, 2013

New Junior Readers, Part 2

Charlie the Ranch Dog: Where's the Bacon?
I think Drummond's writing styles actually works better for junior readers than for picture books (of course, it works best of all for grown-ups, her blog being one of my first stops every morning!). Charlie is trying to be a good host to visitor Rowdy, but oh my goodness, he is a handful! Any child who has tried to entertain a friend who just didn't play the way he wanted him to will be sure to identify with Charlie here. And, don't forget to look for the chipmunk!
Lulu Goes to Witch School (I Can Read Book Series: Level 2)
Before Fancy Nancy, there was...Lulu the witch? I did a double take when I read the author's name. I was unfamiliar with the original (published in 1990), but I'm glad to have made its acquaintance now. Lulu is NOT so happy to have made the acquaintance of Sandy Witch, a little girl in her class.
"Maybe you will like her better tomorrow," said Mama Witch.
Lulu Witch did not like Sandy Witch any better the next day.
This edition has adorable new illustrations by Bella Sinclair, and I officially want to snatch up the baby brother on page 23 and squish him!
Pony Scouts: Blue Ribbon Day
Horse books are generally a sure thing, and there really aren't many junior readers or picture books about county fairs, so I think this will do well on our shelves. Kids (and parents) who are not familiar with some of the terminology will definitely need the glossary in the back, though.
All three of these are available on our library shelves or in book stores now. Thank-you to Harper Collins for the review copies!

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  1. I just read Lulu Goes to Witch School with my first grader. She was a big fan. We will have to try Charlie the Ranch Dog- I'm a big fan of Pioneer Woman too!