Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two New Read-Alouds

Both of these are from Lerner, and we have been enjoying them at home. Both have a great sing-songy rhyme pattern that will make them perfect for some future read-alouds at the library, too!
Hippospotamus by Jeanne Willis
Illustrated by Tony Ross
There's a spotamus on hippo's bottomus! Her friends try to diagnose and treat her, with increasingly hilarious results. Finally, a boy wanders by and solves the mystery with a satisfying "Ewwwwwwwwww!" moment. The rhymes are just tongue-twistery enough to make reading it aloud a fun challenge, and kids will love the made-up words. Even with only one human in the book, the colors and facial expressions of the illustrations screamed Tony Ross, which may be part of the draw for my Little Princess fan club at home.
Oopsy, Teacher! by Stephanie Calmenson
illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa
Poor Mr. Bungles is having one of those days, and when his ill-timed sneeze gives the class hamster a chance to escape, the whole class jumps in to help. The wonderfully rhythmic rhymes put the last word on a subsequent page, allowing students the chance to guess and yell that word out. S. had a great time with that, and even L. flabbergasted me by guessing two! (Have I mentioned he is 18 months old? My children frighten me.) Yoshikawa's vibrant illustrations and fun little touches had both C. and S. leaning in to check them out.
The first is from Anderson Press, and the second from Carolrhoda Books, both a part of Lerner Publishing Group, so you can order them both from the same spot. Or, come check them out here at the library - as soon as I can tear them away from my kiddos!

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