Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elsewhere on the Web... which I bring your attention to posts on other blogs, which you really should be following anyway.
Beore you read this first one, quick pop quiz: What color is Anne of Green Gable's hair? When I asked at the last Teen Cafe, every single teen, even those who had never read the books, called out the correct answer in unison. This is...this is...gahhh!!!
What's that on my keyboard? Oh, it's drool. Don't judge me - go here and try to tell me you don't get an instant case of "I want"!
I already shared a link to this fun plate decorating idea on Facebook, and have several people now scouring town for ceramic markers. In retrospect, I probably should have hit the thrift shops for old plates before I brought it to anyone else's attention.
Have fun scoping these out, and stay tuned - I plan to make this a weekly feature! What fun is it to rant or rave about a blog post if there's nobody to rant or rave to, right?

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