Saturday, January 19, 2013

A is for...

S. is learning about the letter "A", and I have all sorts of fun coloring pages.
Unfortunately, S. is not big on coloring. A little too sedentary for her, I think. I tried agreeing to color with her, and got the above result: see the dot towards the lower left with a little bit of blue in it? That's how much she colored while I did everything else.
That's okay, though, there are plenty of more tactile ways to explore letter shapes, and what better way to start than with food?
I had one tube of crescent rolls left in the fridge, so I cut those into strips, and she built capital As with them.
As you can see, L. wanted to get in on this, so we gave him the scraps, and he happily mushed them around with fingers and spoons.
One we had our letter shapes, we brushed them with butter,
and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.
Then L. discovered the brown sugar lumps, and of course, had to taste one.
That meant S. had to taste one.
And soon they were shoving them in their mouths as fast as they could.
I can't really blame them, can you?
Finally, the letters were coated enough to go into the oven for a few minutes,
and, voila! A tasty treat to have with supper tonight.
Yes, I know, I can't stop seeing the name "Ava" either.

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