Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Giveaway Day 2

Between now and Christmas, I will be giving away books, books, and more books! For complete rules and instructions, visit this post. (As I type, there is still time to enter that giveaway - which has...um...one entry so far.)
Big Nate: In a Class by Himself

Today's entry is a bit more contemporary. Younger readers who are just discovering Big Nate tend to think author Lincoln Peirce was inspired by the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. In actuality, Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney grew up reading Big Nate comics, so the inspiration was the other way around. Either way, if your reader likes one series, he or she is bound to love the other!

In Big Nate: In a Class by Himself, Nate gets a fortune cookie that tells him "Today you will surpass all others". Of course, if you read it in a fortune cookie, it must be true - just check out the fortunes we all got during our last movie night. The cookie isn't very specific, however, so Nate spends most of the day looking for ways he can surpass all others - with an end result that he wouldn't have predicted, but which fits him to a "T".

If you are not familiar with Big Nate, it is good, clean humor, appropriate for any age. Lots of gross-out humor, poking fun of grown-ups and siblings. If you are the type of grown-up who thinks chilren's books shouldn't make fun of grown-ups, you are probably the kind of grown-up that gets made fun of in books that make fun of grown-ups. Just sayin'. Interspersed with caricatures, lists, and illustrated factoids ("Dad handed out rice cakes for Halloween one year. That was also the year our house got egged. Connect the dots, Dad.")

The version we are giving away is actually the "Special Edition" (donated by HarperCollins), which includes an additional 16 pages of "Jolly Comix and more"! To have a chance of winning it, just leave a comment with a creative way to give this book as a gift. I am going to take the most obvious, and say, pair it with a good sketch pad and artist's pencils, maybe even a book about drawing caricatures like this one:

The Practical Guide to Drawing Caricatures

Hmm...looks familiar...

Happy commenting!


  1. Sounds like a fortune cookie would be a good Idea; maybe a big one made of felt and filled with surprises related to whatever it is Nate is doing for the day (a pkg of instant oatmeal for instance).
    Wish I knew more about the book.

  2. I would give it with the sketchbook and another book called Adventures in Cartooning which is not only a fun story but gives great instruction in how to create comics.

  3. Looks like Elva is the winner of this one - e-mail me an address to send it to, or pick it up the next time ou are in town! New post going up later today.