Sunday, November 4, 2012

Movie Night: Shanghai Knights

It has been ages since we had a family movie night, so when Daddy called me at work and told me I needed to pick up Chinese on the way home, I was all for it. M. had picked out Shanghai Knights, and not only are Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson hilarious together, you get to see Jackie Chan shirtless. (He was 49 when he filmed that, and still totally hot! I just started my 40's, and I would need some serious chiropractic intervention if I tried a single one of his moves.)
Since this was last-minute, I cheated and picked up frozen Chinese food on the way home. Nobody seemed to mind.
Lots of cheesy grins:

Such an immaculate little girl, too.
I also bought fortune cookies - which, I know, aren't really Chinese, but then Shanghai Knights is more about fun than cultural or historical accuracy.
L.'s fortune:

Yeah, whatever.
I hate fortunes that are just platitudes. But, true!

Daddy's fortune:

Something you need to tell me, dear?
That's what we're afraid of!
Daddy immediately broke forth with jokes about dim bulbs.
 And, C.'s:
See, Lisi family, I told you you need to move back!
The movie was fun, the outtakes even better, and then the traditional dancing like idiots to the closing credits. The younger three dance with me, anyway: M. generally backs out of the room in horror, glad that none of her friends are around to see it.
So, Daddy taped it. And posted it to Facebook. Always glad to help!

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