Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quack Goes to the Ranch

A guest post from the tag team of Daddy and S.'s duck Quack. Usually, S. sends one or more of her little bears (all named Sarah) to work with Daddy, and they ride around in his pocket and keep an eye on him. Yesterday, she seemed to think he needed more watching, so she sent Quack instead. He doesn't quite fit in Daddy's pocket, so he got to take a good look around at all the cool things on the ranch. Here is his and Daddy's story of their day:
This is "Quack," S's newest favorite baby. But today she had to go with Dad to keep him company. So the story will be told along with pictures.

Dad says you have to start the work day out with a good breakfast. Hot spicy sausage with cheese on a biscuit hit the spot!

At the ranch I got to play on the ice......

And on the bronze bear.

Dad said we really needed to watch out for coyotes. Here I'm keeping watch while dad does some work.

Taking a ride on one of the ATVs. Sure is cold out here!

Time to get warm in front of the fireplace.

And then a morning nap on the bearskin rug. Dad says it will be lunchtime when I wake up. Later today he says we will see about taking a ride on a different ATV and maybe look around for some wildlife sign. Then it's off to see about some nuisance wildlife.

Up just in time for lunch. Beef with wild and white rice. Even better with red chile added. Lemonade to drink. But dad forgot the cookies.

And a quick ride on the tractor. Then it's off to see about wildlife.

Taking the big ATV this time. It has a heater and stereo. Listening to some Merle Haggard.

Learning about game cameras and how they work to track wildlife activity.

And about how elk shed their antlers every year.

And Dad says that this answers the age old question "do bears poop in the woods?" Maybe I should have kept Dad's rifle handy.

And now it's off to set some critter traps.

Home at last with a hot cup of coffee. Can't wait for S. to get home so I can tell her about my day.

S. is home. Now I can tell her all about my day!

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