Monday, July 9, 2012

We are Here to Entertain You

L. had what I thought might be an ear infection - low fever, fussiness, didn't want to sleep lying down, etc. It was a long, sleepless night for everyone. I called our doctor as soon as her office was open, but she was booked solid for the day.

So, I skipped my lunch and Grandma brought the kids down, and we headed to the Urgent Care clinic that was supposed to be pretty fast.

Three hours later, we're still sitting in the waiting room, which has the ubiquitous octagonal fish tank. S. is perched on Grandma's chair, chirping away in her cute little voice about the fish and the frogs, asking why this one is little, why that one has see-through skin, then points to one and pipes up with, "Does he have a penis?"

Everyone in the very crowded room watched as Grandma and I laughed so hard we couldn't breathe, let alone answer her, which caused her to ask it again several times, getting louder each time. There were several young men waiting on sports physicals, and I hope the doctor didn't see the one with his head between his knees trying to recover his composure, or he will never pass him.

I finally got enough breath to choke out a "no", just at the same time Grandma gasped, "yes." (My worry was, if I said "yes," would she demand to know where it was?) She seemed satisfied with the mixed answer, and I got the tears wiped away before they finally called us back to the exam room. I'm sure familes all over town will be sharing a funny story about what happened at the doctor's office over their dinner tables tonight...

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