Sunday, July 15, 2012

If You Give a 2-Year-Old Too Many Smart Pills...

Both times I was pregnant, I took Omega-3 pills fairly regularly. I've seen several studies that say it can help brain development, as well as heart health, etc. Since then, I've seen studies that say they aren't so sure there's proof. Really?

How about a two-year-old doing Kindergarten work?

One of my favorite resources whan I was teaching was the magazine Teacher's Helper. There is a lot more to teaching than just worksheets, but these give a great springboard, or supplement, to all sorts of units. I especially like the pages centered around a favorite picture book.

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

We have spent many an hour reading about mice, moose, and pigs, and their respective baked goods. This week we re-read the above a few more times, and S. did the papers above by herself, then she and big brother C. did some together. C. is more into cutting and pasting than writing answers, so I used the ploy of 'helpng S.' to get him to finish those parts! Naturally, once the paperwork was done, we needed to make

muffins! The kids counted and stirred, getting in their 'math' for the evening. I have been using a master mix from this book:

More-with-Less: A World Community Cookbook

which I made Daddy get me for my birthday, and which I absolutely love. I really like the end of each section, where they give you ideas for leftovers and scraps. Perfect for cheapskates like me who still like to cook and eat well. The master mix can be put together in huge amounts, then sit in a cannister in your cupboard until you are ready to make biscuits, pancakes, muffins, etc. Perfect for cooking with little ones, because all we had to measure was the master mix, a cup of milk, two spoonsful of sugar, and an egg. It also saves getting a dozen different ingredients out each time. Of course, we also added frozen berries, and they turned out yummy! We could see why the moose ate all of them.

Just don't tell Daddy that we ate ours on the sofa.

Or that we also had more Omega-3's.

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