Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last-Minute Book Reviews and Christmas Ideas

I am really liking this series we just got:

I Want to Be a Princess

I Want to Be a Knight

There are 6 titles in the "Let's Play Dress Up" series, all written by Rebekah Jay Shirley and published by Windmill Books. There are several reasons I am very happy with them: first of all, what child does not want to be a fairy/princess/astronaut/robot/knight/pirate? Instant appeal. But, are they useful?

Heck, yes! I couldn't find a link to an inside page on their web site, but the costume ideas are very doable, using materials you probably have in your kitchen trash or can find even in a craft-impaired town like ours (hint to retailers or investors: open a good craft store here, and there would probably be a parade in your honor.) You do NOT have to be super-crafty or coordinated to put these together, which is very good, because I want to go home and make everything listed.

Oh, and one other reason I like them? Look at the princess: is she blonde? Blue-eyed? Fair-skinned? No! Bravo to the publishers for putting average, every-day kids on their covers, when so many others are still sticking with stereotypes. (Not that I have anything against blonde-haired, blue-eyed princesses - although, S. would probably prefer being the robot with the ray gun.)

Gift Ideas: There should still be time to order these and get them under your tree. If that doesn't work out, though, you can check out a copy here, and make the costumes as your gift. Then it's time for play! Just one request - you HAVE to send me pictures!

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