Thursday, December 29, 2011

Have You Sent a Card Yet?

If you are not also connected to us on Facebook, you may not know about our young friend Luke Maeding. This special ten-year-old boy has had health problems literally since birth - in fact, that is how he met his mother, Heather, a NICU nurse. The kind of health problems that have doctors scratching their heads and telling him he is one of a kind - but usually not in a good way. Just last year he had a double lung transplant, and while that has helped in so many ways, he is still in and out of the hospital. He got his wish and was home for Christmas, but two days later was back in an ambulance, headed for his home away (6 hours away) from home.

One of the things that brightens his day is receiving e-cards through this neat program:

He is in Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, in room 7a705. He asked his mother this time if she had let people know he was there again, and when she asked why, he said so they would know to send him ecards! Word of that is spreading, and they have started mapping all the cards that have been coming in. You can see the map on his mom's blog, at

They don't have to be get well cards - the crazier, the better, in fact! Take a few minutes and send him one from your neck of the woods (even if your state is already colored in), and make sure to mention where you are from. Pretty easy way to make a sick kid smile a little!

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