Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Boy, a Frog Alligator?

Mercer Mayer they ain't.

One of our school-at-home activities involves me picking two pictures from my picture file at random, and the kids have all day to choose one picture and write a story to go with it. (Yes, fellow Mt. Vernon Education students: I still have the picture file we were assigned to create our sophomore year!)

Today Sheridan and Christopher both chose this picture:

Christopher's story:

There was a boy called Mo. 
He always said Mo.
One day he was walking down a road then he heard a croak and another and another.
He looked around and found a frog and looked at it.
The frog ate him.
The end.

Points for brevity?? We'll work on fleshing his stories out a bit...

Sheridan's version:

One day, a little boy went to a swamp for a camping trip. There at the swamp the boy ran over to look for frogs so they could have frog legs for supper. After a while the boy caught a frog.
The frog was a magic frog and the frog knew what the boy wanted to do with him. The boy went down the side of the swamp to the deeper end to catch more frogs. 
Then the magic frog got an idea. He turned himself into a giant alligator and ate the boy in two giant bites.

I'm sensing a theme, are you?

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