Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Review: Nic Bishop - Big Cats by Nic Bishop


With grace, guile, and unstoppable power, big cats are admired for their speed and strength. Although they are related to house cats, these magnificent creatures are nothing like our pets! 

In addition to increasing a reader's knowledge of big cats and their behavior, I see a great opportunity for vocabulary building. On just one page you find words like "twilight", "dusk", "patrolling", "range", "prowl", and "stealthiest". Often nonfiction series seem to stick to plain vocabulary, but Bishop's text is richer, yet easy to understand in context.

The text is also broken up into larger and smaller fonts, with a 3-4 sentence caption accompanying the large photographs, making the book highly readable and visually appealing. I was happy to see the text imparts sensational facts without sensationalizing - another important distinction many other series don't seem to get! There is plenty here to attract readers of various ages, without the worry that it will share incorrect information or ideas.

Of equal (or even more) interest are the stories shared by the author at the end of his book, of encounters with big cats while photographing these and other animals. Bishop has several other titles in this series, including:

Nic Bishop: Spiders
Nic Bishop: Frogs
Nic Bishop: Butterflies and Moths
Nic Bishop: Marsupials
Nic Bishop: Lizards
Nic Bishop: Snakes

Nic Bishop: Big Cats will be available in stores or online beginning October 1, 2019.

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