Friday, September 6, 2019

Review: Future Astronaut by Lori Alexander and Allison Black


Ground control to Major Baby:
Could you be an astronaut?

So, recite with me boys and girls: what are Miss Ami's pet peeves about board books?
- too much text
-busy pictures
- concepts not developmentally appropriate

Future Astronaut does a pretty good job of missing my pet peeves - I would give it a 4 out of 5 in that regard! The main text is brief and relateable. The tasks of an astronaut are compared with baby's developing skills and interests. Astronauts work in tight spaces? Babies LOVE small spaces - the accompanying illustration shows two cuties in cardboard boxes.

All of the illustrations are bright, and while there can be a bit going on it isn't overpowering. The main focus is the person or people in each picture, and their overlarge eyes immediately draw the focus. 

A "fun fact" section at the back gives some interesting information (no crackers allowed in space!), but I don't know that it would mean much to the intended age group.

Overall very cute, age appropriate, and fun for parents who are wondering what this little person they created will grow up to be! This is the first in a series, with "Future Engineer" coming out next week, "Future President" in January, and "Future CEO" in May. I can easily see these being given as gifts to new babies, or at first birthdays!

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