Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Review: Crayola Crafts Series from Lerner



Explore science, the outdoors, and more with these Crayola crafts! Easy-to-follow instructions and photos guide readers. QR codes for each project link to a digital landing page showing more detailed steps and photos.

I looked at these over Labor Day weekend, when the three oldest had gone off to a friend's house and the younger two were tired of playing with each other. The art projects included mostly require a parent to at least get things started, but they vary in involvement: from simple tracing objects around the house to creating entire costumes, in "Boredom-Busting Crafts". Shane and Grace tried the tracing activity, turning plastic silverware into silly families.

Shane branched out to tracing other shapes, while Grace stuck with drawing.

I think they both turned out pretty well!

A few of the projects required Crayola products, notably Model Magic clay (even more so in the second title). Not too surprising considering the publisher, but something to be aware of. Each project included a QR code to see more steps or ideas, but there was no way given to access those without a cell phone, which was disappointing.

The projects in "Fun Science Crafts" were a little less "doable" from the standpoint of things found around the house. They were more art-about-science than art-teaching-science, as well. I found the first title something parents or teachers might find easily accessible and actually do projects from, the second not so much (unless you had a lot of clay n hand you were dying to use up!)

Other titles in this series that I did not view: 
Crayola Outside Crafts
Crayola Super Easy Crafts

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