Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Review: Undercover Ostrich by Joe Kulka

Okay, he's just plain cute:


Animals can be sneaky. But do you know who is especially sneaky? Undercover ostriches! They're everywhere, and they're masters at going undetected. You've probably seen one and just assumed it was another woodpecker or owl. The narrator of this book is on the case, following a single ostrich on his many adventures. Not until the final twist does author and illustrator Joe Kulka let the readers in on the narrator's true motivation: a peanut collection mission involving undercover elephants.

Despite Kulka's assertion that undercover ostriches are "experts at blending into their surroundings", our main character's presence is glaringly, hilariously obvious in each illustration. The trick here is to read aloud with a completely straight face and awestruck tone, while your young audience shrieks "HE'S RIGHT THERE!!!" Pair it with Mac Barnett's Guess Again for an absolutely hysterical (and more than likely raucous) story time!

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