Friday, June 21, 2019

Review: Kids Cooking by George Ancona


Roll up your sleeves, wash your hands, and join four different groups of kids as they prepare recipes from all over the world, step by step. George Ancona’s photographs record every crumb of effort as the children make their way around the kitchen, chopping, measuring, rolling, mixing, and learning about the food they’re eager to eat. The end result? Roasted vegetables from Morocco, fried rice from China, minestrone from Italy, and salsa from Mexico, filling the kids’ bowls and plates and tantalizing readers who may be inspired to cook up something savory of their own.

Why do I keep reading things that make me hungry? 

This book has so many elements that make me happy: learning about other cultures, trying new things, letting kids manipulate tools of all kinds, hands-on cooperative learning, plenty of colorful photographs...and, of course, food! The one thing it doesn't include are recipes for each of the dishes described, which was a little disappointing. Still, a fun book to read to kids before the start of a similar unit.

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