Friday, June 14, 2019

Review: The Best Four Questions by Rachelle Burk and Melanie Florian


Marcy is finally old enough to ask The Four Questions at Seder!

"Marcy was sure she could do a great job with The Four Questions. After all, she knew a lot about questions. She asked them all the time. Why does that man have hair in his ears? Can I have a pet elephant? Are we there yet?"

Through her continuous questions, non-Jewish readers will learn some of the basic elements of a Seder meal, while those already familiar will simply enjoy (and perhaps recognize) Marcy's irrepressible nature and her determination to do it without anyone's help - or any practice.

As it turns out, however, there are SPECIFIC questions you are supposed to ask at Seder...not the four Marcy throws out. Did she ruin the evening, or did she just expand on it a bit?

Fortunately, we do eventually get to the traditional questions, to which Burk offers answers at the end, along with a simple explanation of Passover. Definitely one to add to your collection whether you are looking to expand your books about specific cultures or you just want a funny picture book that many kids can recognize themselves in.

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