Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review: Too Big or Too Small? by Catherine Leblanc and Eve Tharlet


There seem to be several times in our life when we are either too big or too small for everything we want to do. My Christopher is eleven, just started middle school, and I'm sure feels like he is firmly stuck in that spot. Growing out of toddlerhood, as Little Bear is, is another such time.

Little Bear is clever enough to turn the tables on his parents, though. As Daddy reaches for something up high, Little Bear tells him he is much too small. When Mama snitches frosting, he scolds that she is much too big for that. Both parents realize what he is trying to tell them, and together they come up with some things that he is just the right size for.

A gentle story to share with your little one, to show them you recognize their frustrations, and to turn into a positive discussion.

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