Monday, September 4, 2017

Review: Even Fairies Fart by Jennifer Stinson and Rebecca Ashdown


Farts, underwear, boogers - they are all in vogue these days - to the point that a librarian might see this title and sigh, <sarcasm font> "Oh goodie, another one." <end sarcasm font>

There is a bit more to this title than just flatulence, however. There's nose-picking, too!

Seriously, though, here is the online description:

Turns out nobody is perfect! Queens and kings; giants and trolls, and yes, even princesses all make mistakes! In this endearing and hilarious picture book by Jennifer Stinson, young readers can take a peek into the marvelous mess-ups and ferocious faux-pas of fairy-tale characters.

The fairy tale creatures described in Stinson's rhyming verse and Ashdown's expressive illustrations sound a lot like any child you know. The mermaids don't want to comb their hair, and the troll (with pacifier necklace) gets put in time out for trying to cook the goat. Well, okay, none of my children have tried to cook a goat YET, but the hair thing is definitely a daily issue.

The paper jacket cover has shiny-smooth letters and sparkly glittery clouds, so between illustrations and title, both your princesses and your roughnecks should be intrigued. A cute read-aloud for a child or class who needs to hear the nobody's perfect message.

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