Friday, September 8, 2017

Review: Create with Duct Tape series

Here's an argument for the ages: is it "duck tape", or "duct tape"? I have always said duct tape, and held that "Duck" tape is a brand name, but I have had people correct me. Turns out, we are both right, but you'll have to read the introduction to find out why:



If you are a librarian, I do not have to tell you that DUCT tape crafts are very popular, especially with teens. We had a craft night this summer with all sorts of fun possibilities, and all anyone wanted to play with was the duct tape!

You may also know that it can be difficult to find simple, printable tutorials online (huge thanks to the librarians who had made their own and shared them with me!) I would have loved to have these books on hand - most projects are detailed in a two-page spread, making it easy to prop the book open and follow along as you work. The projects are also more diverse than the old duct tape wallets and bookmarks, while not requiring too many out-of-the-ordinary materials, or too much technical skill. And they are cute!

Web sites at the end of each book offer more ideas, a history of DUCK tape, and other related information.

I guess there's only one thing to do now - we'll have to schedule another crafting day so I can make use of these and the other titles in the series (Duct Tape Costumes and Duct Tape Fashion), which of course, we will also be ordering.

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