Monday, May 22, 2017

Review: The Summer of Bad Ideas by Kiera Stewart

If your upper elementary/middle school reader is looking for the perfect summer read, I have it right here!


In this funny, big-hearted friendship story, perfect for fans of Wendy Mass and Linda Urban, twelve-year-old Edie and her impossibly cool cousin, Rae, set out to complete a mysterious list of “Good Ideas for Summertime” that their eccentric late grandmother wrote back when she was their age.
But good ideas? Most of them seem like bad ideas. Reckless. Foolish. Ridiculous. Still, by accomplishing everything on the list, rule-abiding Edie feels certain that she can become the effortlessly brave adventurer she dreams of being, just like her daring cousin and bold grandmother. For this one summer at least, bad ideas are the best shot she has at becoming who she wants to be.

We've got friendship, we've got personal growth, we've got family relationships, we've got a cute boy, mystery, adventure, fried pickles, and testudinal conversations! 

While many themes are familiar to other coming-of-age stories, the twists they take sometimes mirror Edie's attempts at completing the list, giving this a freshness that the genre needs. Grab it for your library now, and expect to see it on a few awards lists down the road!


  1. Thanks for stretching my vocabulary! Merriam-Webster Definition of testudinal. : of, relating to, or resembling a tortoise or tortoise shell.

    1. Haha that was the goal! Sounds vaguely questionable, doesn't it?!