Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review: Splinter by Sasha Dawn


Sixteen-year-old Sami hasn't seen her mother in ten years—and neither has anyone else. The police suspect Sami's father had something to do with her mom's disappearance, but Sami's never believed that. Her mother chose to abandon her and start a new life. It's that simple. 

But now, evidence has emerged about another missing woman who used to be involved with Sami's dad. Coincidence—or evidence that the cops have been right all along? 

As Sami investigates, she's forced to question everything she thought she knew about the dad who's always been there for her and the mother who supposedly abandoned her. And if her dad didn't kill her mother, what did happen? 

This psychological crime thriller has plenty of second-guessing and red herrings to keep readers engrossed. I figured out a certain character's involvement WAY before the main character did - and told my dental hygienist so rather forcefully while reading it in their office (it's okay, they already think I'm crazy). It's sometimes hard to have perspective on things that are close to you, however, so that part was realistic. 

Also keeping things real were the flawed characters and multiple teen issues Sami had to deal with along with the actual mystery. Sami's continual self-doubt and coming to terms with the truth added to the plausibility. The sudden coincidental coming together of all the clues, complete with requisite cute-boy-next-door may turn off the hard-core mystery fans, but all in all an enjoyable, fast-paced read!

The one thing I did not get...where in the world did the title come from??? I was waiting for a split personality or something to emerge, but if there was a reference that makes the title word important, it was too subtle for me.

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