Saturday, May 6, 2017

Review: Kids 30 Seconds series from Quarto (distributed through Lerner)

I have noticed over the years in evaluating and weeding the nonfiction section that, while kids are still very interested in nonfiction subjects, it is hard to get them to read the thicker books with a lot of text. They tend to want things broken up into chunks and presented in an entertaining style. It can be hard to find books that balance the presentation kids look for with the substance parents and teachers want, but I think Quarto has done a great job with these.


No, you aren't going to learn everything there is to know about space in 30 seconds. What you can get, however, is an introduction into The Big Bang, Types of Stars, Jupiter, or many other subtopics in a two-page spread. Each also includes a 3-second sum-up (No aliens have been found...yet.), and some include a 3 minute mission with some really great activity suggestions (Imagine you are designing an image to be beamed out into the universe to make contact with alien life forms. What information would you include? How would you show it? Aliens will not understand English. Think about symbols, signs, and images that could show them humans, the Earth, and its place in the universe.)

The series also includes:
The Human Brain in 30 Seconds
Oceans in 30 Seconds
Inventions in 30 Seconds
Earth in 30 Seconds
Science Ideas in 30 Seconds
The Human Body in 30 Seconds
Weather in 30 Seconds

The illustrations are bright and colorful, in cartoon form but accurate where needed, and the binding is ready to stand up to heavy usage. I can see these being a hit for browsing students, as well as a super fun addition to a home schooling curriculum!

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