Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Healthy eating series from Lerner, by Jennifer Boothroyd

Next up from the TBR pile: two titles from the Healthy Eating series from Lerner.

Taste Something New!

Caution in the Kitchen!

As we have come to expect from our Lerner junior readers, these are filled with bright photographs and large, lively print, making them instantly engaging for the target audience. 

Getting some kids to try new foods can be a struggle, so an eye-catching book is a good start! In addition to making everything from eggplant to cauliflower visually attractive, the first book also talks about needing a variety of nutrients to have the energy to play. It then takes a turn I wouldn't have thought of, comparing fresh, frozen and canned foods. That is a good point, though - perhaps a child doesn't like canned green beans because they are mushy, whereas crispier frozen or fresh ones would be gobbled up. 

Especially if the child helps prepare them himself! The book also talks about different ways to cook foods. How many ways can you find to cook a potato? (Many kids are surprised to learn that's where french fries come from!) Other suggestions include trying foods from different countries, or visiting a Farmer's Market to see what they have. Many states have Bountiful Baskets sites available. While ours is waiting to be re-added after a recent reorganization, I have found many new flavors that way!

Of course, before you start experimenting together, you'll want to go over some food safety tips. Or, maybe not - I was roundly scolded by my 5yo for licking raw cookie dough off the spatula the other day! Germs are covered in this second title, as well as allergies. Safe storage (who labels their leftovers, "leftovers"? How does that help?) Rinsing vegetables. Thawing meat in the fridge instead of on the counter. Come to think of it, this book is trying to ruin my life. One part I have to argue with: a food's "best by" date is not the same thing as an expiration date, and it is important to know the difference!

Other than that, this series seems to have good, if basic, factual information, with web sites at the back for further exploration. Read with little ones who are interested in getting involved with the shopping and cooking!

Other titles in the series include Why Doesn't Everyone Eat Meat? and What's On My Plate?, exploring alternative diets and the basic food groups, respectively.


  1. bwa ha ha! i have told too many stories at work and some of my coworkers refuse to eat food i brought in! you give your mom 3 year old expired frozen spinach ONE TIME....and what's a few bugs in the broccoli? adds protein!

    1. Bugs just make it organic!

    2. exactly! and it's not like it was alive or anything. see, it was broccoli from the farmer's market so it was Very Natural and I missed a few little green worms when I cleaned it and they had been washed, blanched, frozen, and then roasted, so they were definitely dead.