Monday, August 22, 2016

Reviews: Mighty Truck by Chris Barton and Troy Cummings

Mighty Truck

Meet Clarence, a rickety old truck who goes from average to awesome when an unexpected trip through a mysterious truck wash transforms him.

We've had superhero parents, superhero kids, and superhero dogs, but a superhero truck...well, why not?

Clarence starts off looking a bit like Mater from the movie Cars. He couldn't care less, more interested in going out for donuts with his buddy, but the boss orders him off to the car wash...during a thunderstorm...

The illustrations throughout are as eye-catching as the cover. The text is a little forced to my adult ears, (the car with a surfboard of course begins and ends sentences with "Dude"), and the plot line was pretty far-fetched (I know, I know, a superhero truck story is far-fetched? Who' a'thunk it). 

BUT, all of that is perfectly suited to the intended age group, which is probably not middle-aged grandma types. An easy one to use different voices with, this may make it into some story times both here and at home. I wouldn't be surprised to see a whole series of Mighty Truck stories in the future, if this one takes off. Hand it to the very young reader who is into cars and a lot of action.

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