Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vacation - Mom Style

I have had this last week off work. In that time, I:

Went camping for three days (see previous blog post).
Started to clean up from camping for three days.
Called washer repairmen.
Bid adieu to dead washer.
I don't think this can actually be called a "wheel" any more.
Bought new-used washer.
Experienced flood when trying to attach old pipes to new-used washer.
Cleaned up from flood.
Finished cleaning up from camping.

Spent one day with Christopher in which we: 
dropped off recycling
wentto Home Depot

went to a museum
shopped for school stuff
ate Chinese
got ice cream
found more Harry Potter stuff at Hastings' going-out-of-business sale
watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
packed his backpack for school

Spent one day with Sheridan, in which we:
took zucchini muffins to the sheriff's office and got a tour
got her hair cut
cruised the thrift shops
ate pizza
got ice cream
shopped for school stuff
packed her backpack for school

Spent one day with Logan, in which we:
had donuts for breakfast
shopped for school stuff
played at Kids' Kingdom
got his hair cut
cruised another thrift shop
ate and played at McDonald's
got ice cream (with Daddy!)
bought Play-doh
went home and played with the Play-doh
packed his backpack for school

Spent one day with Shane, in which we:
had donuts for breakfast
ran errands (two-year-olds think everything is cool)
bought "mine BIG flower!"
shopped at Walmart even though we didn't need school stuff
got his hair cut
ate lunch at the zoo
ignored the animals and played in the dirt at the zoo
came home and took a NAP, which lasted up until supper (for him, anyway).

(Gracie's day will be Monday, since she only goes to school for 3 hours and we don't have her supply list yet)

I also:
finished painting in Christopher's and the girls' rooms
finished the flooring in the girls' room
finished the trim in the girls' room (almost - ran out at the closet. Don't much care.)
Put things away in both rooms
sorted and folded and put away a LOT of laundry
boxed up a LOT of things for yard sale
ran a few baths

cleaned the house from one end to the other ( is cleanER)
let the kids finger paint
cleaned again
oh never mind
and prepared 56 freezer meals.

If you should need me, I will be back at work tomorrow, where I hope to get some rest.

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