Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: Girl an Gorilla Out and About, by Rick Walton and Joe Berger

Girl & Gorilla: Out and About

Girl and Gorilla are best friends. Girl and Gorilla want to play at the park. But how will they get there? They can . . . Hopscotch! Or jump rope! Maybe they can just close their eyes and wish they were there! But when they open their eyes . . . they are not at the park. Will Girl and Gorilla ever get to play at the park?

You can never go wrong with goofiness in a children's book, and there is plenty of goofiness here. Girl would be the straight man in this comedic routine, while Gorilla is every silly toddler in the world. My mind immediately went to extensions like having kids come up with other ways (realistic and not-so-much) to get to the park. Or, to the moon - the other play option given - or any other places you can dream up. Maybe a keep-em-busy in the car or in the check-out line activity?

Then again, if your kids are like mine, they will likely just glom onto the recurring line, "You don't have a tail," and run around shrieking that instead. Either way, the goofy story and expressive pictures (by the gentleman who illustrated Dot - I thought the girl looked familiar!) will require more than one reading!

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