Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: Big Chickie, Little Chickie, by Janee Trasler

Big Chickie, Little Chickie: A Book of Opposites

In the newest addition to the hilarious series, the Chickies say cheese, while young readers learn their opposites. With rhyming words and great illustrations, the Chickies help babies and toddlers have fun while learning the fundamentals in this padded paper-over-board perfect for little hands.

Hooray, another Chickie book! I still love the sturdy but squishy covers - all of which have held up wonderfully in our library - and the simple but adorable illustrations. The chickies are so adorable, in fact, that it makes perfect sense for them to have their own photo shoot. In addition to opposites, the rollicking text has funny rhymes...and underwear! No silly children's book is quite complete without underwear. Bright colors, goofy faces, and just enough text for the board book audience. Another hit from Trasler!

***This book has been nominated for the Cybils Awards, and I am a first-round panelist in this category. There are many other panelists, and many MANY other great nominees, so a good or bad review here does not necessarily predict placement on the shortlist. 

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