Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review: Dill and Bizzy - an Odd Duck and a Strange Bird, by Nora and Lisa Ericson

Dill & Bizzy: An Odd Duck and a Strange Bird

Dill is a duck. A perfectly ordinary duck. At least that’s what he thinks. Then he meets Bizzy, a strange bird. Bizzy seems to think that Dill is actually an odd duck! Together, they find that they’re even more extra-ordinary than they could have imagined.
Perfect for anyone who has ever felt a little odd or a tad strange, this delightfully offbeat picture book celebrates the joy of finding a friend who lets you march (or waddle!) to the beat of your own drum.

Yep, Dill is a perfectly ordinary duck. Who can't swim. But who can ride a unicycle and juggle peanuts. Ordinary peanuts, of course. In fact, everything Bizzy invites Dill to do, he does with an extra flair - all the while proclaiming how ordinary he is. Young readers will see what he doesn't, and hopefully internalize the message that we are all a little bit odd, and that's a great thing to be!


  1. Hi Ami,
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  2. Hello, Mary! Yes, she was able to answer my question, and we picked up a copy of "Cradle Me", with the others on order. You can contact me at ajones@ci.alamogordo.nm.us