Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kid Comics: Let's Be Hilarious!

Your Sunday funnies for this week!

Sheridan is going for 'sophisticated' today. Logan is going


Sheridan (while painting with her brothers): "I am good at painting pictures. I am going to put mine here so the boys can copy it." #andhumbletoo


Mommy says I can only be nekkid if I'm sitting on the potty, so I'll just do everything here today.

"Snowing, Mommy! Snowing!"

Logan: "Sheridan, let's be hilarious!"
(So, they PLAN it! Makes so much sense.)


Shane just brought me his cocoa cup, complaining that it was "bad! really bad!" But...I notice it is completely empty.


Asked the kids if anything interesting happened in school. Sheridan said something about PE. Christopher had nothing. What are their normal days like, when AN ENTIRE TROUPE OF CLOWNS doesn't bear mentioning?


Logan: "Mommy, it will be infinity days before we die!"
Me: "That's good! I..."
Logan, interrupting my sweet thoughts: "But not for you, because you have been a grown-up already for a long, long time."
Sweet thoughts gone.


Shane was carrying his cereal bowl around, which he is not supposed to do, and spilled it all over the living room floor, which is why. Not to worry, though - before Mommy could get the broom, he smashed every single corn flake to smithereens with his plastic hammer.

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