Monday, December 1, 2014

23 Shopping Days Left! Review of A New Chick for Chickies, by Janee Trasler

I just realized that in all these book reviews/gifting suggestions, I haven't had anything for the really little ones! Never fear, Chickies to the rescue!

A New Chick for Chickies

Life was good.
Muy bien. Life was perfect. Until when . . .
Craaack . . . the Chickies have a new brother!

Love, love, love these guys! Back in March, I called this my new favorite series. Since then we have added Dinnertime for Chickies, and now the above title. I love the squishy covers, the way the story starts from the first inside page, the aDORable bright illustrations, and the funny tongue-in-cheek text. Hand this off to someone expecting a new sibling, or just to anyone who needs a fun (sturdy!) read.

Gifting Suggestions:

A new sibling? Why not - that's what we got last year!

No? Okay, then how about a collection of chickies?
Just make sure those flowers are firmly fastened on before they go in someone's mouth!
or this cute giggle ball, which looks a lot like the chickies in the book:

Little one doesn't need more 'stuff'? Then how about a donation in his name - for $20 you can provide a whole flock of chicks through Heifer International, and change a family's lives!

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