Friday, December 19, 2014

A Year Ago... two days, I was getting ready for the library's Family Christmas Program, and was fatter than Santa. My bags were packed and the car was already partially loaded: we were set to leave early, early the next morning for Albuquerque, where I was supposed to have a C-section at UNM Hospital. It was expected that the baby would need heart surgery soon after birth, and we were working out how to 'do' Christmas with the other kids from either the hospital or a hotel room.

Two hours before the program, I got a call from UNM saying that - oh, um, they couldn't do the surgery. At all. We needed to completely change, not just doctors, but hospitals.

So, you know, no stress there.

I don't remember a whole lot of the program that evening, except that the only thing Sheridan asked Santa for was her baby brother for Christmas!

The next morning, early early, we dropped kids off at Grandma's and drove up to Albuquerque - to Presbyterian Hospital. The amazing staff there already had my file practically memorized, despite having it dropped in their lap the day before. They noted that my blood pressure was high, for the first time in my life - can't imagine why. They also mentioned there was a 60-70% chance he would have Down Syndrome as well. I forced myself to eat dinner that evening, knowing I would need it, but could barely stay awake to pick up my fork. Then, the woman in the next room at the hotel-type place where we were staying yelled into her phone, in Spanish, all night.

The next morning, one year ago today, I went back to the hospital, where two nurses were assigned to get me ready for my C-section, and an entire NICU team stood by to take care of the baby. I didn't see another patient until after it was all over. The nurses were fantastic and put Daddy and I both at ease - as much as we could be - so that we were able to laugh when, just before I went in to surgery, I went into labor!

I only caught a glimpse of a black mohawk (?!) before he was rushed off, and I started vomiting for the next 12 hours...but soon enough I was in the NICU with him all day, then by Sunday the doctor announced that she didn't like the way he was yelling at her, and she was kicking us all out! Sheridan got her wish, baby brother home for Christmas, and today Mr. Too-Smart, curly-blonde, fit as a fiddle...

is one! 

Happy Birthday Shane Michael What Cat Nanny-Nanny-Boo-Boo Hello Kitty Duck Butterfly Flower John Jack Jones!

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