Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back in the Saddle!

After our usual August break, to restock and clean supplies and just take a much-need breather, we have started our regular story time schedule. Today went went in with a bang: painting with body parts!

Our theme was grandparents, and I have been stockpiling little tote bags for a special project. Not too many people special-er than grandma and grandpa, so we printed out sample ideas of things we could make from hand or foot prints, and spread out the supplies - a big piece of paper and a bag for each child, Sharpies on a separate table, watercolor markers on all the tables, and washable tempera paint in little souffle cups (God bless whoever donated them to me years ago!)

There were big t-shirts to cover clothes, and two tables with just markers for those who didn't want to take chances, but I think everyone chose to paint.

There were some really cute results!

We had the tote bags for the grandparents, then paper to make more pictures on,

because I knew some children would just do this:

Of course, painting your hand (or foot) was the best part.

Some artists were a little more shy than others.

And some pictures needed a little extra time to dry.

Most importantly, no paint seems to have made it onto the new carpet, so Miss Ami still has a job!

The stories we read today:

Tea with Grandpa   Hello! Is this Grandma?   Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon

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