Wednesday, September 24, 2014

91 Shopping Days Left! Review: Aw, Nuts! by Rob McClurkan

Aw, Nuts!

Squirrel loves acorns.
When he spots the perfect one, he must have it! But it bounces away. . . .
So he jumps into a taxi, but the taxi runs out of gas.
Aw, nuts!
He bounces on a pogo stick, but he falls into a hole.
Aw, nuts!
Will Squirrel be able to catch up to the most delicious acorn ever?

Okay, what can be cuter than a squirrel in sneakers? We had a real squirrel for a little while, being bottle fed, but I don't think he would have let me dress him - unlike this guy.

The story in Aw, Nuts! is just as adorable as the pictures, with the ever-chipper squirrel continuing in his pursuit of the acorn, declaring, "Aw, nuts!" as it continually bounces just out of his reach. Not quite as manic as the Ice Age character, and I'm happy to give my kids a mild expletive to use (rather than the ones they may or may not have heard Mommy use when she discovered the ball point pen scribbled ALL OVER HER LEATHER CAR SEATS. But, I digress.)

Cute squirrel. Cute story. Fun read-aloud. Great gift for any child! 

So, should you give said child a pet squirrel to go with the book? Probably not. But, how about this squirrel feeder

so you can watch the cuteness outside your window? Yes, this one just may have to happen at my house.

Or, maybe a pair of snazzy red sneakers for your little speedster? Along with some 'acorns' - high-bounce balls to chase after? Be the fun Mom: remove all the breakables from the room, toss a handful of balls into the air, and let the kids scramble to catch as many as they can! Great way to blow off some steam on a cold day stuck inside.

Not giving it to your own child? Then it might be safer to include this game.

This looks like a great travel game, although the small pieces will keep it out of our house until Shane is, oh, seven or so.

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