Saturday, September 13, 2014

102 Shopping days Left!* Colors Versus Shapes, by Mike Boldt

* Please take a look at my 9/12/2014 post

Colors versus Shapes

This title from Lerner immediately caught my eye as a possible Christmas gift, particularly with Logan in mind. He has been very excited to start 'doing school' recently,

and it's good to start with things kids already know somewhat, so they can feel successful from the start. He has a good grasp on his basic colors and shapes, but we haven't talked much about mixing colors, or shapes like ellipses and pentagons. The fact that the colors and shapes are battling it out to see who is /best', continually one-upping and interrupting each other...kind of like, ahem, certain siblings...will be sure to tickle him. Score!

I found a few compact-but-large-pieced toys that I can give him along with the book. This floor puzzle reinforces colors and matching, and they are still playing with a floor puzzle their aunt and uncle gave them last Christmas. 

These bean bags can work for both colors and shapes, and are a good inside/outside toy. They also appear to be soft enough to not cause too much damage if they are thrown in the house or at a sibling - which, of course, would NEVER happen, but it's good to know anyway.

Stay tuned for more gift giving ideas!

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