Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Books!

Thanks to a local entity pulling its funding from the library, we have been unable to order any new materials at all for a few months. We finally got the go-ahead for small orders this month, and let me tell you, it was not easy to pare down my box of order cards to the few most imnportant! Today, however, we saw that happy brown truck pull up with boxes from our distributor. A few of the juvenile selections that will soon be available for checkout:
The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, Book 4: The Interrupted Tale
I absolutely love this series - I get it first!
Cassandra the Lucky (Goddess Girls Series #12)
Not to my personal taste, but also a popular series. I know several young ladies who will be happy to see this one.
This one will have to go home with me soon as well - perfect as we start our Spring clean-up and planting.
On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
I heart Albert.
Easter Sweets and Treats
I heart cookbooks, too.
Whatever After #4: Dream On
This one has a hold request, and it hasn't even been processed yet.
Dragonbreath #9: The Case of the Toxic Mutants
We got several Dragonbreath volumes in - very popular series, as are:
Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle: Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle
(two new volumes)
High Time for Heroes (Magic Tree House Series #51)
There, it's in, stop bugging me!
More to come! Some day I hope to actually have time to read these...


  1. Hope your funding comes back someday! Hey, do you have a Kohls in your area? It's an easy grant that I do all the time!

    1. Nope:( Very few chains here - a Walmart, which gives us $50 every now and then, a Chilis and Applebees that sometimes give coupons. That's about it!

    2. Darn, they've got such a good grant too! I've never even tried to get money out of Walmart. All I've got in town are banks (we're a town of 10k - with 10 banks. srsly) and now they're all being bought up by bigger banks elsewhere they don't give me money anymore )-: I get pretty decent $$ from United Way, but you have to have a fairly big town to sustain that I suspect.