Friday, August 23, 2013

You Might Be a Mom if... not only can identify by sound alone what just fell/got thrown/was jumped off of in the other room, you can also yell at the appropriate child(ren) without going to see who it was. tell someone, "I love you," and get in response something meaningful like, "I ate your ear." can't remember the last time you ate something yummy all by yourself, in your own home, without hiding. go to the bathroom with the door open, because you know the sound of the door closing will trigger three different emergencies that need your immediate attention. have ever picked someone else's boogers.

... you know that buckling your own car seat or pouring your own juice are much bigger milestones than walking or talking. buy furniture and clothing based on washability and durability, not on how they actually look. you plan out the morning's errands, you make sure to alternate places with and without public restrooms. have ever told someone to just pee on a tree.

...when a phone rings, you automatically yell, "Okay, everybody be quiet for a minute!" can read more than one picture book without ever looking at the pages.

...going to the grocery store all by yourself seems like the height of luxury.

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