Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Movie Night: Enchanted

While big sister was visiting, we discovered she had never seen the movie Enchanted
Since that is one of S.'s favorites (and mine), and since we haven't had a movie night in a while, and since we had just discovered that we will be adding yet another boy to the family, naturally we had to plan one around Giselle!
Our meal even worked nicely to clean out some leftovers and make use of some Bountiful Baskets goodies. We had Princess and the Pea Pasta with Parsley Pesto (peas from a neighbor, parsley pesto and tomatoes from BB):
Would you believe, daddy is STILL accusing me of stuffing the peas into those little tiny shells, just to trick him into eating them? Believe it or not, honey, they just fall in as you stir. I do not have THAT much time on my hands!
We used up the last of the BB spinach wraps for Prince Edward's Pinwheels:
Super easy, and definitely a hit. I think I know what I'm doing with the tomato and basil wraps in the freezer.
To drink, there was a bubbly punch (lemon-lime soda, the leftover liquid from making maraschino cherries, and the sherbet that was getting freezer burned):
Looks odd, but the kids didn't care. L. practically OD'd on it; I finally dumped the rest out so I could tell him it was "all gone".
For dessert: poisoned apples!
It's okay to eat one, you just need lots of kisses afterward! My BB apples were too small, so we bought these, and filled them with walnuts, cranberries, and brown sugar, then topped with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon, then baked until soft. Umm!
Our big splurge was some flowers S. picked out at the store:
And then we spent another $5 on 'crystal' (plastic) goblets, fancy cutlery, and tiaras at the dollar store.
Doesn't Daddy look great?

Always the princess.

L. would only wear his backwards.

C. wouldn't wear his at all.
Okay, fine.
As a side note, my children have recently discovered photobombing.
And then, on to the movie. Everyone agreed that it was a good one, except for Daddy, who mostly just shakes his head at anything that isn't set in the Old West.
And, now I have all those songs stuck in my head. Here, you can, too!
You're welcome.

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