Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Start to Finish series from Lerner

"How is it made" books seem to rise and fall in popularity here. With the encouragement of more nonfiction reading in school, they are definitely on the rise right now. Lerner's Start to Finish series, with its bright pictures and easy-to-read format are just the ticket for early grades.
From Tree to Paper
From Wax to Crayon
This sub-series, Everyday Products, also includes the titles:
* From Cotton to T-Shirt
* From Iron to Car
* From Oil to Gas
* From Sheep to Sweater
Other sub-series are "Nature's Cycles" and "Food".
As with most of Lerner's nonfiction, each book serves also as an introduction to nonfiction books in general. We start with a table of contents, and finish with a glossary and index. Lerner also includes resources for teachers or parents on their website.

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