Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All About Me

One of my favorite bloggers, Amber Dusick at Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, along with Jenn at Something Clever 2.0 suggested letting your kids write your "All About Me" section. Since I am currently feeling too lazy to review any of the books in the pile on my desk, I thought this sounded like a wonderfully productive idea. I stole some questions from both, and this is what we came up with:
How old am I?
 Sheridan: 17
Christopher: 100

What do I like to eat?
Christopher: Pizza, leftovers.
Sheridan: Hamburgers, mac n cheese, salads and vegetables.

Hey, guys? Nobody likes leftovers.
What do I wear?
Sheridan: Big shirts.

It's called being pregnant, okay?!
What is my favorite movie?
Both: Cowboys.

??? Then again, I did marry Sam Elliot.
What do I do after you guys go to bed?
C.: Work on the computer.
S.: And in the kitchen.

Sure, we can call that work.

What did I do when I was a little girl?

C.: Go to school.
S.: You did things you didn't supposed to do.
What do I do at work?
Both: Read stories and do prizes!
Besides that?
S.: You're the boss!

Mmm...okay, sure.
What is my favorite thing to do?
S.: Type on the computer and bonk your head.
C.: Watch us play.
What do I dream about?
C.: Us!

Pretty much! And tonight I'm sure I'll be dreaming about you bonking me on the head while I work on the computer and eat mac n cheese.

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