Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quick Reviews

Yes, I know, every blogger who is also a librarian is doing 'quick reviews' these days. That's because we are short on spare time, but long on guilt over our TBR piles. Here are a few I've been wanting to get off my desk and out on the shelves:
Everything Goes: Blue Bus, Red Balloon: A Book of Colors
A little girl loses her red balloon at the beginning of this brightly colored board book. Children can watch it float past purple sailboats and white airplanes, occasionally spotting the little girl, until she finally recaptures it in the end. Most pages have just two words, and the color concepts are clear and engaging. Part of the "Everything Goes" series that is in both junior readers and board books.
Flat Stanley Goes Camping
Flat Stanley has come a long way since he was first squished by a falling bulletin board. Many adults can remember reading the original story as a child, and how many of us have had a Flat Stanley visit them from a classroom far away?
Since his early days, Stanley has starred in chapter book adventures all over the world. In this junior reader offering, Stanley is feeling a little glum about his slender status. His parents decide to take the boys on a camping trip, and when Stanley and his brother find themselves cornered by a skunk, they discover even more advantages to being Flat Stanley! This is one of those few (it seems) junior readers that is simple enough for kids beginning to read alone, but which has enough of a plot to not completely bore the listening parents the first six times through.
Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach
The original Pete the Cat picture books are written by James Dean, and are quite witty and funny. The junior readers are...not. I'll just stop there.
Tyler Makes Spaghetti!
I keep accusing the kids in story time of making me hungry (it doesn't help that it's held right before lunch), now I'm doing it to myself. The length of this book makes it better for a one-on-one reading than for a story time, but it would be excellent for a child who has started asking about where things come from. Tyler and his favorite chef travel all over the world choosing ingredients, as he learns how to make his favorite meal. Includes a recipe in the back for making spaghetti from scratch, just in case, like most of us, your meatballs come from a freezer bag and your sauce from a jar!

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