Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teen Cafe: Chocolate Party

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the programs we repeat every year is the Chocolate Party. It is always the first Teen Cafe after Valentine's Day (hello - half priced chocolates!), and there is always a TON of chocolate. Other than that, activities vary, from movie watching to word puzzles to silly games.
This year, one of the teens loaned us her chocolate fountain, and I bought lots of dipp-ables.
See, it's healthy!
Or, maybe not.

Yeah, probably not.
But, it's chocolate! Who cares! And, the more chocolate you eat, the more milk you want to drink.

So, we were building strong bones!
Rather than several shorter activities, I stole one from another librarian that I thought would take up most of the time: chocolate Pictionary! Played just like regular Pictionary, only you draw your pictures with...

mini chocolate bars. My initial plan was to give each person their own chocolate bar, and set out a bowl of water to moisten them in.
It worked, but faintly. Team members had to keep getting up and moving closer to see what was being drawn.

It also wasn't as funny as I had hoped, so I decided to try something different.

Fingerpainting! With melted chocolate!

That's a vampire.

I can't remember what that was.

This was a tough one, and the team didn't guess. Can you? How about if you see the finished picture?
You see it now, don't you? A guy throwing up into a paper bag?
I work with his mother. She's really quite normal.

As C. here discovered, it's hard to draw fine details, like, say, a mosquito, when one is fingerpainting with melted chocolate. But, it's a lot more fun than with a pencil - and you don't get to lick your fingers when you're drawing with a pencil. I mean, you could, but...
never mind.
All in all, everyone seemed to have fun. Best part, there was plenty left over, and since I bought some of it with my own money, I know what I am having for breakfast tomorrow:)

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