Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Picture Book Review - Dogs Don't Eat Jam, and Other Things a Big Kid Knows, by Sarah Tsiang

Dogs Don't Eat Jam and Other Things Big Kids Know

Books to go with a new baby on the way - or already here - are always in high demand, so I'm happy when I come across a new one kids will like. This one is written from the perspective of the big sister, telling her new brother about some of the things he will learn, such as:

"You'll learn about broccoli and cheese and yams.
You'll learn that things fall down (you'll learn that a lot).
You'll even learn that sounds can come from all sorts of body parts (yep, just like that)."

This one is perfect for my own household, because it includes both being a baby and toddlerhood, while told from the perspective of a Kindergartener - hitting my three youngest quite nicely. Not to mention, it refers to farts. Adults will get a chuckle out of it as well. I especially like the tone, however, of the big sibling helping out the little one, partnering up instead of competing for attention.
Wait, do I really want my three teaching each other what they know? I may have to rethink taking this one home. In the meantime, it's on our new shelf now!

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