Friday, March 23, 2012

About Stinkin' Time!!!

Five and a half years ago, Mom and I were living together and doing foster care for both the local CYFD and the BIA. One day the BIA called and asked if we would take in a 5-month-old baby with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. That was the one issue we had said we didn't want to face again, but after much discussion, we decided to say yes.

Twenty-four hours later, it was clear C. no more had FAS than I do. When we later asked why they had thought that, the sw said, "because he cried a lot." Uh...try feeding him?

What was also clear from the start was that he was my boy. Mom and I actually got into an argument over whose room he would sleep in - I won. He slept next to my bed until he was one, and when he moved to his own room, he was fine - I was traumatized.

He has always been mine, but it has taken the courts a little bit longer to catch on. Finally, Wednesday morning, we appeared in tribal court for approximately three minutes, and today this arrived in the mail:

Absolutely worth the wait!


  1. oh how this brings happy tears!! joy joy joy and more joy and craziness!!!

  2. YAY!!! Soooo excited about this!

  3. Agreed with Anne on the happy tears :)