Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who Is David???

'Cause Daddy has the shotgun ready.

Conversation on the way to church - Mommy, M. and C. trading back and forth, "I like Daddy!" "I like C.!" "I like S.!" S. says, "I like David!"

Silence. We don't know any Davids, do we?

"You like David?"
"Yes, I like David."
"Is David your boyfriend?" (that, of course, was from M.)
"But, what about Xander?" (her betrothed)
"He's broken."

Oh, dear. Love 'em, use 'em up, and throw 'em away. Not exactly the life lesson I want her to learn. In subsequent conversation we learned that she broke Xander herself, and that David is blue. She has kissed him, and he is a good kisser. None of us can think of a single person, young or old, who she has encountered that is named David. Which is a good thing, because M. has a brand-new muzzle loader, and this David person is in a heap of trouble!

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