Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Books This Week

Some additions to a few favorite series:

Llama Llama Home with Mama

E Dewd (2 copies)

I love the llama llama books, and this is one of her best yet, I think. Baby llama is home sick, and mama is taking care of him - until she starts to sneeze and cough, too!

If You Give a Dog a Donut

E Nume (2 copies)

Hmm...maybe if I bring this home, we can take a break from reading If You Give a Pig a Pancake every single day? I mean, really, I think we have established where everyone is hiding on the hide-and-seek page.


Slightly Invisible

E Chil

News flash to parents: THE BOOKS CAME FIRST. I'm glad there is a cartoon of Charlie and Lola, but it came AFTER the books. Thank-you.

Unfortunately, when there is a TV spin-off, book series run into the potential of becoming commercialized. Not saying this one is, but some of the things that make them unique - like the all-over-the-page text - are, imo, a bit overdone in this one. There were a couple pages I couldn't even read, I just skimmed them. Seriously, who skims a picture book?!

Here's one for a future read-aloud:

Noodle & Lou

E Scan

Sweet-without-saccharine rhyming text in which one friend cheers up another when he is feeling down on himself.

Surviving Captivity With the U.S. Air Force (Elite Forces Survival Guides)

J 355.5 Mcna

You know, in case the U.S. Air Force is ever holding you captive. Actually, this is part of a series that has been popular with (at the risk of stereotyping) our younger male patrons. We also have in new titles about navigation and signaling, using ropes and knots, survival first aid, and urban survival techniques.


YA Dixo

Best remake of The Twelve Dancing Princesses I have seen. It's hard to give twelve characters of similar age and background distinct personalities, but Dixon manages, particularly with the older girls. The men in the book get to be their own people as well. Overall the book was a bit long - losing 100 pages would not have hurt it at all - but I enjoyed the story so much, I didn't mind. It never dragged, but there were points where it felt like I might be coming to the end of the story, only to realize I was only halfway through.
All on the shelf now!

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